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Lecture by Mrs Athina Giannakou Professor of the Department of Spatial Planning and Development, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

The Postgraduate Studies Programs of the Department of Planning & Regional Development organize a lecture by Ms. Athina Giannakou, Professor of the Department of Spatial Planning and Development of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, on October 9 2019, at 18:00, in Room A2 of the Department of Planning & Regional Development.


Learning Cultures Learn Languages and Literatures

The University of Thessaly and the Tula State Lev Tolstoy Pedagogical University invite you to the celebratory event of the Greek-Russian Language and Literature "Learning Cultures Learn Languages and Literatures", on Wednesday, October 9 2019, at the Dimitris Saratsis Auditorium, 3rd floor, Papastratos Seafront Complex Building, University of Thessaly, Volos.


Seminar on “The Transformation of Man and Society in Science Fiction Movies”

The School of Engineering of the University of Thessaly organizes a seminar on "The Transformation of Man and Society into Science Fiction Films" during the Winter Semester 2019-2020.
Day / time: every Thursday (15.00 - 18.00)
Place: Room B2 (1st Floor) of the Department of Planning and Regional Development, Pedion Areos, Volos.
The first presentation will take place on Thursday 17-10-2019
The aim of the seminar is, through the fictional scripts of Science Fiction films, to highlight main issuer resulting from the interaction of people with a rapidly changing society due to new technologies, and, in particular the increasing use of digital and Artificial Intelligence technologies.


Contemporary Interventional Management of Anticoagulant Education
Scientific Event, "Thrombosis and Anti-Thrombotic Education",
Tuesday, October 22, 2019,
18: 00-20: 00
at the Hippocrates Auditorium,
Department of Medicine, Viopolis, Larissa

The Anesthesiology Clinic of the University of Thessaly in collaboration with the Postgraduate Program "Thrombosis and Anti-Thrombotic Education" organize the Scientific Event "Contemporary Interventional Management of Anticoagulant Education" on Tuesday, 22 October 2019, from 18:00 to 20:00, in the Department of Medicine, Viopolis, Larissa.

Anesthesiologists from the University Hospital of Larissa, the General Hospital of Trikala and the General Hospital of Thessaloniki "Georgios Papanikolaou" will participate in the event with presentations of clinical cases.

Mr. James Douketis, Professor of Pathology at McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada, is the invited speaker.

Professor James Douketis is a Canadian with Greek origins, physician with a long academic career in teaching, research, clinical practice of thrombosis and antithrombotic treatment, and President of the Canadian Thrombosis Society. On March 22, 2018 he was awarded the Honorary Doctorate of the Department of Medicine of the University of Thessaly.

The welcome speech will be given by the President of the Department of Medicine, Professor of Vascular Surgery, Mr. Athanasios Giannoukas.


13th European Night Without Accidents

October 19, 2019
32 cities nationwide take action
37 nightlife venues are participating

With a central message "alcohol and driving cannot be combined", the Panos Mylonas Institute of Road Safety (IOAS) is organizing, on Saturday, 19 October 2019, the 13th "European Night without Accidents" in 32 cities in Greece. The action is being carried out, as every year, at the same time as the great Pan-European event, aimed at informing and raising awareness of both drivers and the public about the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol.
Across Europe, 1 in 4 car-related deaths are due to driving under the influence of alcohol (ETSC). In our country, alcohol is one of the leading causes of fatal traffic accidents and serious injuries, with incidents increasing significantly during the weekend, due to late nights out, especially at a young age. Even more alarming is our fellow citizens' attitude towards driving and alcohol, with 9 out of 10 drivers reporting intoxication as the most important danger on the road, stating that they drive even when they have consumed 2.7 glasses, the highest average quantity of alcohol in Europe (Eurobarometer).


Walking together: Intercultural routes in the city of Volos with the participation of young refugees from ARSIS shelter in Makrinitsa, students from the University of Thessaly and students from the Second Chance School of Volos

The final event of the project “Walking together…” will take place on Saturday 2 November 2019, at 10.30 in the amphitheatre “Kordatos” of the University of Thessaly. This year long project aimed at developing the intercultural communication and empathy through a series of well-planned non formal activities. The project that was implemented in the framework of the European programme Seeds for Integration, was jointly coordinated by the Second Chance School of Volos, the Department of Early Childhood Education of the University of Thessaly and the NGO ARSIS and the participants came from all three organisations. The group of the project cooperated and implemented seven different routes, four in the city of Volos and three in the surrounding natural mountain trails. Every route focused on a specific theme (everyday life, refugees’ life, literature, history etc.) and worked as a trigger for the development of intercultural communication and exchange among the participants in the framework of critical intercultural education and experiential learning. In the final event, there will be a detailed presentation of all the activities and the final products of the project.


Local, Transnational, Global: Transformations, New Fields and Questions in European Historiography

The conference is held within the framework of the Postgraduate Studies Program “Interdisciplinary Approaches to Historical, Archaeological and Anthropological Studies” and is funded by University of Thessaly Research Committee.
• 3rd Meeting of European History and Historiography
• 01/11/2019 - 02/11/2019
• Saratsi Auditorium
For the past years, 'globality' has emerged as a prominent interpretive example and intersects with the growing academic globalization. Both European historiography and national historiographies are increasingly shaped by research mobility and internationalization. At the same time, research patterns seem to be predominantly related to the Anglo-Saxon academic field and the "decolonization" of research production as studies of the non-European / "western" world are increasingly included in international literature. The purpose of this scientific meeting is to discuss concepts such as 'locality', 'transnationality / interculturalism' and 'globality / globalization' in relation to the transformations and the new questions that are currently being formulated in European historiography both through specific study examples and through historiographical assessments.


The Nexus of Water-Land-Food-Energy-Climate and Their Sustainable Management for Efficient Use of Resources: The Case Study of Greece

Chrisi Laspidou
Department of Civil Engineering, University of Thessaly
Wednesday 23/10/2019, Time: 14:00
Room A2, Department of Civil Engineering
As part of the Horizon 2020 program, the SIM4NEXUS project “the Nexus of Water-Land-Food-Energy-Climate and their Sustainable Management under the Impact of Climate Change for the Effective Use of Resources” focuses on the management of future challenges related to the corresponding evolution of the elements: water, earth, food, energy and climate, through the adoption of an integrated approach where these elements constitute an integrated nexus and are linked by strong, dynamic complex interactions and relationships. To this end, a SeriousGame - an online platform - will be built to enable the prediction of the future image of a study area according to the future evolution of the system / link elements. This will support the decision-making and policy-making process on integrated resource management and the evaluation of new policy directions. The lecture presents the case study of Greece, addressing a number of issues related to the interaction of climate change with the use of resources (water, energy, food production), flooding and desertification and drought phenomena observed in rural areas, availability of water resources for irrigation, possibility of reorganizing crops and competitive use of resources. Particular emphasis is placed on the involvement of a number of stakeholders who can both provide significant knowledge and experience in the game building process and utilize it as a tool for anticipating and organizing their future activities and projects.


From the plains to the International Markets

On Friday, November 1, 2019, a lecture will be given in the framework of the course of the Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies Program in Entrepreneurship. Mr. Makatos Vassilis, from the Campus Company, will give a speech on the topic "From the plains to the international markets". The lecture will take place in Room 5 (1st floor), in the building of the Department of Business Administration (former TEI of Thessaly, Gaiopolis, Larissa-Trikala Ring Road, 41110, Larissa), at 20:00 and is open to the public.
The purpose of the seminars of the Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies Program in Entrepreneurship is to foster reflection on entrepreneurship issues at various levels: mentality, leadership development and experience, reorganization, pivot change, change of competitive landscape, transformation of business environment, change of roles of actors etc. The seminars are organized by the Department of Economics and the Department of  Business Administration of the University of Thessaly


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