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Diving Tourism: Benefits for the Marine Environment and the Local Communities

On Sunday, July 1st, at 10 am, in the "Kordatos" Auditorium (Papastratos Seafront Complex), a conference will be held on "Diving Tourism: Benefits for the Marine Environment and the Local Communities".
The Conference is the result of a partnership between the Scuba Divers Club of Volos and members of the University of Thessaly, in an effort to highlight the potentials and prospects for sustainable development that will result from the promotion of Diving Tourism in Magnesia, respecting the aquatic ecosystems and the emergence of the rare marine flora and fauna of Pagasitikos and the North Sporades group.

The speakers are:
Dr. Kostas Dounas, Research Director, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research
Dr. Maria Salomidi, Researcher at the Institute of Oceanography, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research
Kostas Thoktaridis, Diver - Underwater Researcher
Dr. Alexios Lolas, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Thessaly

During the Conference, Mr. Pierre-Yves Cousteau (Cousteau Society) will briefly address, through teleconference, the participants of the conference, in the context of certain actions that have been developed for the protection of the marine ecosystem in Santorini.

We will be honored with your presence at the conference.


“Saxophone Soundscapes” concert

A special concert, entitled “Saxophone Soundscapes”, will take place on Wednesday, July 4th 2018, at 8:00 pm, in the “I.KORDATOS” auditorium - University Seafront Complex Building. The Athens Saxophone Quartet (Eric Honour - baritone sax., Leo Saguiguit - tenor sax., Dionisis Roussos - alto sax., Athanasios Zervas - soprano sax.), one of the most prestigious Greek chamber music ensembles, will perform works by J.S. Bach, Dinos Constantinides, Nickitas Demos, W. A. Mozart, Athanasios Zervas, Dimitris Themelis and Theodore Karathodoros. The diversity of this program broadens the boundaries of the sound of saxophone, aspiring to create a fruitful dialogue in a repertoire of different stylistic direction. At the same time, the presence of new pieces by Greek composers in the program explores new aesthetic directions that broaden the horizons of quest in the creation of contemporary art music.


"Teacher Education and Education Departments, 30 Years After: Facing the New Challenges"

The Teaching Practice Network of Early Childhood Education Departments, a scientific and professional association of teacher-educators, in conjunction with the Greek Early Childhood Education Departments, organize the 2nd Panhellenic conference in Volos, at the University of Thessaly, from the 28th to 30th of September 2018.  The conference’s theme is "Teacher Education and Education Departments, 30 Years After: Facing the New Challenges".
The conference invites proposals from researchers, scholars, teacher-educators, practitioners, undergraduate and postgraduate students. The principal aim of the conference is to provide a relevant and rigorous academic forum for the promotion, development and dissemination of research into teacher education.
Presentations will be offered in multimodal formats, including individual papers/presentations, themed discussion forums and poster presentations.
For more information about important dates and conference fees please visit the official Conference website: http://hpnconf2018.uth.gr. or contact the following address: hpnconf2018@uth.gr


8th Hellenic Congress of Rheumatic and Autoimmune Diseases of Central Greece

This year, the 8th Panhellenic Congress of Rheumatic and Autoimmune Diseases in Larissa has enriched its content with the research conducted on autoimmune diseases at the Medical Schools of our country. Research into autoimmune diseases conducted at the Universities of Israel will also be included. Our goal is to strengthen the scientific cooperation between Greece and Israel in regards to autoimmune rheumatic diseases.

Larissa Imperial Hotel Larissa / Larissa 14-16 September / Under the auspices of the Hellenic Association of Immunology and the School of Medicine of the University of Thessaly in collaboration with the Clinic of Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology of the University of Thessaly, General University Hospital of Larissa 2018


Sleep and Psychiatric Disorders

The Pneumonology Clinic of the General University Hospital of Larissa of the School of Medicine of the University of Thessaly kindly invites you to a speech on "Sleep and Psychiatric Disorders", on Monday, September 24th , 2018, at 14:00, at the Pneumonology Clinic (1st Floor, Wing 3).

Lecturer: Nikiforos Angelopoulos, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry University of Thessaly


5th Panhellenic Planning and Regional Development Conference

A triennial event, organized by the Planning and Regional Development Department of the University of Thessaly, and held in Volos, the Panhellenic Planning and Regional Development Conference addresses the full span of spatial subjects, explanative theories, analytical tools and methodological processes underpinning effective planning and development.
Attracting academics and practitioners, established researchers and specialists, public and private sector officials and staff, as well as students in relevant disciplines, the Conference, in its next, 5th, edition, is to occur from September 27th-30th, 2018.

More info...


Festival of Science and Innovation

A cultural event, in the center of Larissa, concerning not only Science but also Technology, Innovation and Art. The 1st Thessaly Science Festival is held in Larissa, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the foundation of the University of Thessaly.
The Festival’s event are going to take place in the “Mill of Pappas", a cultural monument in the city center that has been an important part of the city’s history for years. From the 11th to the 13th of October 2018, people of all ages can attend exciting speeches and lectures by distinguished Greek and foreign scientists, screenings and will be able to observe impressive experiments, participate in interactive activities, educational workshops and science-based educational games. The main theme of the Festival is "30 Creative Years" and thus the Thessaly Science Festival 2018 aims to give prominence to the creative, innovative and outward thinking characteristics that distinguish the University of Thessaly as well as to its overall contribution to the local community and its citizens.


Art exhibition about Feminism

The Hellenic Parliament Foundation for Parliamentarism and Democracy and the University of Thessaly organize an art exhibition about Feminism during the transitional political period after the fall of dictatorship (1974) to 1990.
The exhibition is going to be held in the Tsikriki building of the University of Thessaly, in the Exhibition Hall (ground floor). The exhibition will take place from September 27th to December 14th 2018, during shop hours. Entrance is free.


Summer School: "Greenhouse Cover Materials"

In the framework of the collaboration of the University of Thessaly with the Hochschule Geisenheim University, the formation of a summer school on the subject of “Greenhouse Cover Materials" is planned. The Summer School will be held from September 24th to September 30th 2018, at the School of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Thessaly.


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