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Organization of Teacher Training Seminar on Issues of Refugee Child Education

Organization of Teacher Training Seminar on Issues of Refugee Child Education

The Department of Early Childhood Education of the University of Thessaly and UNICEF co-organize a workshop with voluntary and free participation for teachers involved in the education of refugee children.
The seminar, which will be in the form of a workshop, will be held at the Coastal Complex of the University of Thessaly (Delmuzos Building, Hall I) on Friday 20.4.18 and on Friday 27.4.18. and will last for a total of 25 hours, divided as follows:
- 10 hours of lifelong learning (20 & 27 April, 16.00-21.00) in two experiential orientation meetings (group work, case management, dialogue, simulations, editing real examples and dilemmas)
- 15 hours of asynchronous distance learning and mentoring using an online learning platform (20 April - 4 May).

-Thematic axes of the workshop:
- The field of education of migrant populations and basic principles of intercultural education
- The languages of refugees and languages at school
- Teaching Greek as a second language
- Educational material: design, exploitation, evaluation
- Classroom management and diversified teaching in multilingual, multicultural and different-speed educational environments

-After completing the program, participants are expected to:
- have experience in the field of refugee flows in Greece and the education targeting migrant populations
- be able to evaluate the characteristics as well as the educational needs and expectations of students to design more effective teaching strategies
- be familiar with the methodology and educational techniques for teaching Greek as a second language be able to design interesting and participatory modules that contribute to the development of all language skills
- have developed multilingual, multicultural, and different classroom management skills
- have an overview of the teaching material for teaching Greek as a second / foreign language and can design activities and educational material adapted to the needs of their pupils
- have developed their intercultural competence for issues of identity and inclusion of vulnerable groups -Participants will be given a Certificate of Attendance.

To register, fill in the link form until 31/03/2018