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Aural Borders, Audible Migrations: Sound and Citizenship in Athens

Aural Borders, Audible Migrations: Sound and Citizenship in Athens
Τom Western (Early Career Fellow, Univ. of Oxford)
18:30 αιθ. πολυμέσων τμήματος ΙΑΚΑ, κτίριο Παπαστράτου, 6ος ορ.

Athens –city of arrival in refugee journeys into and across Europe. In a political context of closed borders, the city develops new sound cultures, built by superdiverse communities formed in transit and in waiting. It becomes a polis –a centre of political action; it becomes a living sound archive of displacement– voicing encounters, solidarities, tensions. People assert sonic belonging in the face of denied asylum, racialised persecution, and EU border politics that play out in urban space. This paper listens to these emergent forms of citizenship: asking how political subjectivities are made through sonic practices in the migrant metropolis.

Tom Western is an Early Career Fellow in the Refugee Studies Centre at the University of Oxford. He previously taught ethnomusicology at the University of Edinburgh, and his current research project is about sound, borders and citizenships in Athens. His first book  National Phonography: Field Recording, Sound Archiving, and Producing the Nation in Music– is forthcoming in 2019 with Bloomsbury Academic Press, and he has also published in the journals Sound Studies and Twentieth-Century Music, and in several edited books.