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Future Events

12.12.18    Modeling the impact of road safety communication campaigns and training programs on driving behaviour
10.12.18    Νikos Zaikos, Associate Professor, Univ. of Macedonia, “The Jewish sports movement in National-Socialist Germany. The story of three female athletes”
10.12.18    Workshop of the Postgraduate Studies Programme "Sustainable Policies and Protected Areas" of the Department of Agriculture of Ichthyology and Aquatic Environment of the University of Thessaly.
05.12.18    Mathematical Models in Environmental Sciences: Useful Environmental Planning Tools or Simply "Castles in the Sand"?
05.12.18    Innovation policy and strategic change in the Mondragon cooperative group
05.12.18    Wendy Sealy: The Other Side of Paradise. The Real Cost of Tourism in the Caribbean
05.12.18    Film screening “The Partisans of Athens” (doc., 2018). Discussion with the directors Yiannis Xydas and Xenophon Vardaros
05.12.18    Celebratory event for the twenty years of operation of the Department of Special Education of the University of Thessaly
05.12.18    Chrysostomos Tsaprailis, author of “Pagan beliefs from the province of Thessaly” (Antipodes, 2018)
04.12.18    Seminar in Memory of Assistant Professor, Iraklis Chalkidis
30.11.18    2nd Reproductive Medicine Congress in Central Greece: "Developments in Assisted Reproduction”
28.11.18    Mapping the history of evil: the Columbus Centre for the Study of Prejudice and Genocide (1962-1981)
26.11.18    One day conference: Creating common spaces of equal participations for Roma integration
23.11.18    69th Annual Conference of the Hellenic Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
21.11.18    Aural Borders, Audible Migrations: Sound and Citizenship in Athens