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Teacher Education and Education Departments, 30 Years After: Facing the New Challenges

The Teaching Practice Network of Early Childhood Education Departments, a scientific and professional association of teacher-educators, in conjunction with the Greek Early Childhood Education Departments, organize the 2nd Panhellenic conference in Volos, at the University of Thessaly, from the 28th to 30th of September 2018. The conference theme is "Teacher Education and Education Departments, 30 Years After: Facing the New Challenges". The conference invites researchers, scholars, teacher-educators, practitioners, undergraduate and postgraduate students to submit their proposals. Its principal aim is to provide a relevant and rigorous academic forum for the promotion, development, and dissemination of research into teacher education. Presentations will be offered in multimodal formats, including individual papers/presentations, themed discussion forums, and posters.
For more information on important dates and conference fees please visit the official Conference website: http://hpnconf2018.uth.gr. or send an email to the following address: hpnconf2018@uth.gr


Tribute to World Women's Day

On Thursday 8 March 2018, at 7:00 pm, at Volos Club an event will be held - a tribute to World Women's Day - in honor of our fellow citizens, Maria Sakellariou-Marantondaki, Professor of the University of Thessaly, for her multidimensional contribution to the local community of Volos. The distinguished professor will elaborate on the subject: "Water Source of Life". The event will be co-ordinated by the journalist Rosanna Popota.


10th Annual Program of Postgraduate Courses of the Pathology Clinic and the Research Laboratory of the University of Thessaly

The Pathological Clinic and the Research Lab of the University of Thessaly, in collaboration with the Institute of Internal Pathology and Hepatology, supporting the continuation of medical education, organizes for the 10th consecutive year (Academic year 2017-18) a complete postgraduate program, which will include bibliographical information, meetings, as well as patients' presentations, while simultaneously analyzing the current data of the patients' Sister various specialties as for small conferences (state of the art lectures). In addition, the Clinic will hold two-day scientific meetings (Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, etc.) on various modern issues in the specialty of Internal Medicine with the participation of distinguished Greek and foreign speakers.
On September 11th to 15th, 2017, the Stroke Summer School of the European Stroke Organization was held in Leptokarya, Olympus and on the 15th & 16thof September 2017, the 9th Autumn Pathology Day on "Stroke Stroke Episodes" was held in Larissa. On 22nd-24th March 2018, the 10th International Congress of Internal Medicine will be held in Athens, in collaboration with the Institute of Internal Pathology and Hepatology, the European Society for Swallowing Disorders, the Hellenic Society for the Study of Liver, the Hellenic Organization of Strokes, the Hellenic Diabetes Society, the Diabetes Study Society Foot-economic, the Greek Society of Internal Medicine, the Greek Sepsis Study Group, the European Federation of Internal Medicine and the Foundation for the Development of Internal Medicine in Europe. Like every year, the postgraduate program aims at the continuous, high-level Medical Education in Internal Medicine that is required by the law  to be provided by a University Clinic of Pathology, and is addressed to all clinical specialists and specialists of Internal Pathology and related specialties in Pathology, as well as those in Internal Pathology and Special Pathologists or colleagues with associated Pathology specialties from the entire region of Thessaly and Central Greece working either as government officials in hospitals and health centers in the region or in the wider private sector. It should be noted that at the end of the academic year a trainee certificate will be issued to the trainees who will complete the required attendance hours (at least 80% of Thursday's activities). In the current age, while the NHS continues to have a great deal of problems, and Medical Education sometimes being seen as a sideline, the Pathology Clinic and the Research Laboratory of the University of Thessaly are determined to continue with optimism and effectiveness on the road to prosperity having as an ally the tireless work to the benefit of science, education and, above all, our suffering fellow human beings.


Blood Donation for the Blood Bank of the School of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Thessaly

As it is already known, in March 2017, after your valuable contribution, the School's Blood Bank was fortified. Since its foundation, in April 2012, the Blood Bank has helped many of those in need. Over the last year, more than 25 bottles of blood were given away.

In order to continue our effort, a blood donation will take place from 9:00 to 13:00 on November 14th 2017 in the courtyard of the School. Everyone’s participation is deemed crucial in continuing our work as  blood is a gift invaluable anyone in immediate need of it.


Choir Auditions

Students who are interested in participating in the university’s choir, can attend the choir auditions which will take place on saturday 14th of october and saturday 4th and 11th of november.

The director,
Nikos chiotoglou


Call of interest: Participation in the Music Ensembles of the University of Thessaly

Music wanderings on vocal paths and not just that…
For those interested to explore music through communication and improvisation, vocal expression and movement,                             
For those interested to see life in a different way, then, the Music Ensembles group is just the thing for you, on Mondays at 9 p.m. (Classroom: Skouvara, mezzanine floor, Papastratos building).
The group organizes musical events, CD recordings, participates in music festivals, aims at collaborating with local operators and other universities, music shows, and music groups. There will be various different music approaches and seminars given by acknowledged musicians.
Vocal teacher, guide and concert – event organizer: Maria Thoidou (member of the Specialized Scientific Personnel of the University of Thessaly)
Sign up at maria@music-village.gr
For more information: 6974891445 (Monday to Friday, 11 am to 1 pm)

Music Ensembles
Maria Thoidou CV


3rd EWaS (Efficient Water Systems) International Conference on “Insights on the Water-Energy-Food Nexus”

The Organizing Committee announces the 3rd EWaS International Conference on “insights on the Water-Energy-Food Nexus”, to be held in Lefkada Island, Greece, from 27th to 30th of June 2018. The conference is organized by the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Thessaly.

The conference is aiming to bring together scientists dealing with challenges encountered throughout the entire water cycle. The Conference’s topics deal with hydraulics, hydrology, water resources systems management, urban water management, riverine systems, hydrodynamics and waves, global changes & smart cities, hydrology, raw and waste water treatment, waste management, groundwater and irrigation systems and advanced methods for environmental system analysis. The conference focuses on efficient water systems giving insights on the Water-Food-Energy Nexus.

Abstracts can be submitted at: ewas3secretariat@uth.gr until the 15th of October 2017.

Further information regarding the conference can be found at: http://ewas3.civ.uth.gr/

The 1st Announcement and Call for Papers can be found attached.

Further Information: Conference Secretariat: Dr Stavroula Tsitsifli (ewas3secretariat@uth.gr)


Theater Group

Opening Meeting: Monday 2 October 2017, 19.00-22.00
Every Monday, 19Q00 - 22:00 (Dance Studio-Gym, 4rth floor, Delmouzou Building, Papastratou, Volos)
Instructor: Maria Karazanou,
Theater Education e-mail: mgkarazanou@gmail.com

The aim of the theatre workshop, offered by the University of Thessaly, will be to encourage the participants to explore their creative expression and become familiar with the working practices within the theatrical training. The group will experience the collaborative approach in working towards a play or a performance and the members will be offered the opportunity to experiment in all the different fields of work that consist the creation of a performance. Maria Karazanou is an actor, director and theatre educator. She studied International and European studies at the University of Macedonia, acting at the Centre for Theatrical Research of Thessaloniki as well as the Athens Conservatoir and at the Modern Times higher school of Drama. She completed her MA course in Theatre Education and Social Justice at the UCL Institute of Education. She has worked as an actor and director both in Greece and in London and lately she is working as a director and theatre facilitator with vulnerable groups.


CSUM2018: Deadline for submission of abstracts extended to October 20, 2017


Dear Colleagues,

We would like to inform you that the deadline for abstract submission to CSUM2018 has been extended. Please submit your abstract (maximum 300 words) until October 20, 2017 by using this link: http://csum.civ.uth.gr/submission-info/.

Further key dates for your submission to CSUM2018:

  • 10 November 2017: Notification of abstract acceptance
  • 2 February 2018: Deadline for full paper submission
  • 2 March 2018:  Reviewers’ comments sent to authors
  • 9 March 2018: Deadline for early bird registration
  • 23 March 2018: Deadline for paper resubmission
  • 6 April 2018: Second review comments sent to authors
  • 20 April 2018: Deadline for final paper submission
  • 27 April 2018: Final decision on the paper approval
  • 4 May 2018: Deadline for Conference registration for authors
  • 11 May 2018: Deadline for presentation submission
  • 24-25 May 2018: Conference

Looking forward to receiving your submissions!

Yours Sincerely,
University of Thessaly, Department of Civil Engineering
Traffic, Transportation and Logistics Laboratory - TTLog
Pedion Areos, GR-38334
Volos, Greece
Tel.: +30-2421074164, +30-2421074158, +30-2421074191
Fax: +30-2421074131
E-mail: infocsum@civ.uth.gr
Conference website: http://csum.civ.uth.gr/