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University Of Thessaly Selected To Host Greek Diaspora Fellow

Volos, Greece,  04 Sep. 2017 – The University of Thessaly was selected to host a Greek Diaspora scholar from the United States to work on a collaborative project on the microbial diversity of Greek geothermal springs. Kostas Kormas will lead the project, along with Kostas Konstantinidis, a Fellow from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanata, USA.



Education and Refugee Identity

On Saturday 16/9/2017, at the International Fair of Thessaloniki, the workshop: “Education and refugee identity” took place. The workshop was conducted by the University of Thessaly. Among the participants were candidate and in-service teachers of Primary and Secondary Education. The participants approached, through experiential activities, issues concerning the inclusion of refugee pupils in Greek schools as well as a number of aspects focusing on the relation between the refugee identity and the educational processes. The conclusions of the workshop focused on the equal participation of refugee children in the official school classes as well as the appropriate intercultural training of teachers in order to support the effective inclusion of refugee pupils. The workshop was brought to fruition by K. Magos, Assistant Professor and G. Simopoulos post Phd researcher in the Department of Pre-school Education of the University of Thessaly.


Professor Athanasios Papaioannou has made unique and lasting contribution to ISSP and World Sport Psychology.


Professor Athanasios G. Papaioannou received the Honor Award of the International Society of Sport Psychology (ISSP), during the activities of the 14th World Congress of Sport psychology in Seville, Spain. The ISSP is the oldest and largest global society of Sport Psychology, with thousands of members all over the world

ISSP Justification for the ISSP Honor award:

Professor Athanasios Papaioannou has made unique and lasting contribution to ISSP and World Sport Psychology.  He served ISSP for 16 years, as vice-president, treasurer and member at large of the Managing Council of the ISSP from 2001 till 2017.

In 2001 he was the Director of the 10th World Congress of Sport Psychology in the beautiful Skiathos island, Greece,

which is remembered as one of the most successful and entertaining ISSP Congresses ever. This Congress involved more than 1000 Congress participants, produced 5-volume proceedings with 616 papers from 46 countries and generated one of the largest ISSP Congress incomes ever.

From 2008 until now professor Papaioannou has been the editor-in-Chief of the international Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, the official journal of the ISSP.

During his tenure as Editor, the journal enjoyed a fourfold increase of manuscript submissions, while its ranking quality improved significantly according to the SCImago index of SCOPUS which measures journal prestige, suggesting that the journal is ranked in the middle of international sport science journals and above other older journals in the field. In 2010 and 2015 Professor Papaioannou oversaw long and successful negotiations of the ISSP with the Publisher of the journal. He ensured that all ISSP members have free electronic access to all issues of the journal without any additional cost, thus decreasing the cost of regular ISSP membership from $80 US in 2009 to $40 US in 2016. Moreover, under the latest agreement with the Publisher, ISSP will get a new important income from journal sales, which is comparable to the income of its World Congress. From 2008 until 2017 professor Papaioannou also led the ISSP publications committee.

Together with professor Dieter Hackfort, Papaioannou co-edited the latest volume of the ISSP “Routledge Companion to Sport and Exercise Psychology”, a book with 62 chapters written by 144 authors deriving from 24 countries across the world.

Professor Papaioannou has been also an accomplished scholar in the international field of Sport and Exercise Psychology. He has published more than 100 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters in the area of motivation in sport and promotion of physical activity and well-being, which received more than 3000 citations according to Google Scholar.  He led successfully several research projects in his own country, Greece, but also at a European level in collaboration with sport psychology scholars from other European countries.

From 2009 until 2013 he collaborated with colleagues from 8 European institutions for the implementation of the “Promoting Adolescent Physical Activity – PAPA project”, one of the largest ever sport psychology interventions aiming to promote youth physical activity, health and well-being. This project involved more than 8000 youth athletes and 800 coaches across 5 European countries and resulted to numerous research and publication outputs.

In 2010 Professor Papaioannou collaborated with European colleagues to establish the European Masters in Sport Psychology
Erasmus Mundus program (EMSEP), a consortium of 4 European universities which awards Master degrees after 2-year studies including courses, research and internship in sport and exercise psychology.

Until now more than 100 international students from over 30 countries from all continents graduated from this program, most of them with scholarships from the European Commission.

Moreover, more than 50 world-class sport psychology scholars have been invited to teach to this program, thus providing unique expertise and international experiences to the international students of this program.
Professor Papaioannou completed his first degree at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece and he did his Master and Doctoral studies at the University of Manchester in UK. After his studies he returned to Greece where he worked as lecturer and associate professor at the university of Thrace and as professor at the university of Thessaly. In 2013 he moved as a professor at the university of Northumbria in UK and then he returned back to Thessaly, Greece, where he is affiliated until now.

Papaioannou Athanasios, or Sakis as friends call him, is married with a lady who is admirable for her patience to withstand him for over 30 years. Together they have a young daughter who is passionate with sports.


The University of Thessaly strengthens its international collaborations

Within the framework of the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility KA107 and upon the relevant invitation from IKY (the State Scholarships Foundation), the University of Thessaly submitted four (4) new proposals for funding, for the 2017-2019 period. These new proposals have been positively assessed and approved.
The University accomplished four new and very important international collaborations with the following Universities:
1. Volgograd State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Russia (Department of Architecture Engineering)
2. Arcadia University, USA (Department of Special Education)
3. Simon Fraser University, Canada (Department of History, Archaeology and Social Anthropology)
4. University of Ottawa, Canada (Department of Physical Education and Sport Science)


Closure Conference of the European Program of Creativity in Action to promote YOung enteprerNeurShip

On Thursday, June 22 2017, at 3 pm, at the Building of the Department of Economics of the University of Thessaly, the Closure Conference of the European Program of Creativity in Action to promote YOung enteprerNeurShip (CRAYON'S) was organized, along with the Workshop of Business Idea Development using LEGO® Serious Play®. The CRAYON'S program was carried out within the framework of the ERASMUS + program, with the participation of 5 countries, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Spain and FYROM. Greece was represented by the Department of Economics and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit of the University of Thessaly. More than 80 participants from 12 different countries (participants from the 5 countries of the consortium as well as from Turkey, Slovenia, Italy, France, Norway, India and Russia) took part in the closure conference and the workshop. The conference’s chairman was: Professor Zoumboulakis Michel, Head of the Department of Economics, who presented the work and history of the Department of Economics, and the Assistant Professor, Mr. Stamboulis Yeoryios, who is responsible for the entrepreneurship classes in the University of Thessaly. He presented the projects and actions of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit. The invited speaker was Mr. Kokkinos Michalis, member of the Entrepreneurship Academy and founder of the tourism technology company Moptil Inc.

Press Release


Summer Camp of Social Entrepreneurship

From 19th to 23rd of June the Summer Camp of Social Entrepreneurship was held in Volos with great success. The Summer Camp took place under the IDEANNOVASHIP ERASMUS + European Program, and was organized by 6 partners from 6 different countries (Greece, Bulgaria, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Slovenia). During the week's training, 18 young participants with business concerns and social sensitivities from all 6 countries attended the Summer Camp. They were trained on entrepreneurship and, in particular, social entrepreneurship issues within the general context of education. They were also taught core and critical principles using non-conventional means of education. During the training, three innovative social business ideas were developed and presented to the project partners.

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Honoring of TALOS Team in the Educational Competition ‘Build your own seismograph’

A total of 25 school groups took part in the educational competition “Build Your Own Seismograph’. In the competition participated 147 students and 39 teachers from junior high schools and senior high schools throughout the country. The organizing committee congratulates all the participating groups on the quality of their projects. At the event, apart from the schools which were distinguished, there were also awards for the scientific validity and innovation of the projects that were carried out in the context of the competition.



Summer Program of Creative Activity for Children

The program is realised with the solid support and counselling of distinguished faculty members of the University of Thessaly and the workshops are carried out by a group of post-doctorate students, PhD candidates, researchers, and specialised scientists.



The Usefulness of Educational Robotics

Last Friday, 31/ 3/ 2017, the University of Thessaly and more specifically the team of instructors and coordinating supervisors of the self-financed project “TALOS 1: Creative workshops of robotics, programming and original creation for children”, participated in the great technology fest “Athens Science Festival” that was once more at the Technopolis of Athens, in Gazi. The University of Thessaly exhibited its own booth where students, educators and parents had the opportunity to get familiar with the use of educational robotics for all ages and also to experiment with programmable games, such as Lego WeDo 2.0 and EV3, within the framework of the suggested educational script “Robomars” with the subject: “planet Mars”. More than 500 people of all ages conversed with the instructors of the team, were informed about the new trends and the use of innovative tools in the modern classroom, and were briefed on how to operate constructions through visual programming environments. It is noteworthy that with the presence of TALOS in Athens Science Festival 2017, several visitors were also informed in detail about the educational activities of the team and the University of Thessaly in general, on the field of the educational utilisation of ICT, and expressed their awe for the achievements of our young programmers in the European Space Agency (ESA) competition titled Astro Pi.



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