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Project LEAP

Higher education prepares learners for their future role as professionals and active citizens in multiple ways. It builds field specific knowledge; the capacity of learning to learn that empowers students to develop knowledge in lifelong learning contexts throughout their careers in a constantly evolving job market. It prepares students to effectively transition from the educational environment into the professional world, to become effectively integrated into the professional community, and to adapt to market driven processes.

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Intensive Course at Trikala, Dpt. Of Physical Education & Sport Science

Α high quality postgraduate intensive course organized by the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science, University of Thessaly, as part of the European Master in Sport & Exercise Psychology, will be held in Trikala, Greece, from the 23rd to the 28th of January 2017. Academic staff from 9 European countries, Canada and Australia will teach postgraduate level students from 24 countries around the world : Canada, Chile, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, India, Italy, South Korea, Morocco, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay, USA, New Zealand.
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Christmas Events at the UTH

Saturday 17/12/16
Christmas Celebration at the UTH.
On Saturday 17th of December, at 17.00, in the “Kordatos” amphitheatre, refugee children residing in the accommodation facility “ΜΟΖΑ” sang, played and danced with us, in the University of Thessaly Christmas celebration, which hid many surprises, gifts, and delicacies.

Sunday 18 December 2016
“Together we celebrate”
Together we improvise, together we learn, together we try, together we sing, together we express ourselves.
On Sunday 18th of December, at 12.00, in the “Kordatos” amphitheatre of the Papastratos building of the University of Thessaly, the Music Ensembles of the University presented a musical collaboration with young refugees, featuring both speech and sound in a musical and narrative journey, a mosaic of sound and music, giving this year’s holiday events a different meaning to the word “together”. In this venture a lot of local musicians took part, while the responsible person and its inspirer was Maria Thoidou, director of the University’s music ensemble.

Event: Playing the children’s game
Professor Zisis Kotionis and the students attending his course at the Department of Architecture organised an event-game, in front of the Papastratos building, in which parents and children took part. The goal of this game was for locals and refugees, adults and children to meet, coexist and collaborate.
Collecting Educational Material: During the festivities of the University of Thessaly, educational material was collected to be donated for the education of refugees residing in the accommodation facility “ΜΟΖΑ”.


Robotics – New Lab Cycle: From 15/1/2017

Since October 2016, the University of Thessaly, in collaboration with the Property Management and Development Company of the University and the Research Committee, has been coordinating creative and educational sessions of robotics, programming, applied technology automation, and innovative construction for students (ages 5 -15). A team of experienced instructors and interdisciplinary faculty members lead these classes.

We build and work on programming devices and high tech software, adjusted to the abilities and expectations of every age, in fully equipped labs and in small groups, according to age, with evolving learning cycles. There is a new learning cycle every month.

For more information, you can address the University of Thessaly Bookshop (Iasonos & Gamveta Street, opposite the Papastratos building).


Welcome Day for Incoming Students The International Relations Office (IRO) of the University of Thessaly has successfully organized for all its incoming students (Erasmus and others) a Welcome Day on Thursday, 25.February 2016, with a daily excursion in Pyli and Elati, traditional villages in the area of Trikala.

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Achievements for the University’s students

The students of the University of Thessaly won the first and second place in the international student competition on Entrepreneurship, Innovation, on 20-11-2015 organized by the Economics and Business University of Athens, the International Hellenic University and the University of Nicosia. The NOODIOteam-Argiris Stergiou, Christoforos Varakliotis, Christoforos Dimitriadis, Nikolaos Nanas, Giorgos Skiadaropoulos- won the first place. NOODIO is a digital platform in which new music artists are featured, with the use of advanced algorithms. Τhe Saleboxie (saleboxie.com) team won the second place. The team is consisted of Panagiotis Anastasiadis, Michalis Michailidis and Apostolos Leousis. Saleboxie is a platform that features an easy and automatic inventory of an e-shop’s in electronic market places, providing with an extended inventory of the merchant’s products and with access to a wider target group of consumers. The teams were supported by the programme for budding new innovative enterprises «Μαζί στην Εκκίνηση!» which was realized by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit of the University of Thessaly, the Hellenic Industry Unit and was funded by the National Strategic Reference Framework (2007-2013).


2015 Diploma Theses Exhibition-Department of Mechanical Engineering

The 2015 Diploma Theses Exhibition is organized by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, in the Department’s building, in the Pedion Areos campus of the University of Thessaly. The exhibition will take place from Wednesday 4th of November until Thursday 26th of November. These diploma theses are the peak of the educational and research career of the Department’s students and reflect on the rage of their interests, suggestions, ideals and visions. The exhibition is organized for the second time and hosts 43 projects that aim to promote the architectural dialogue among the students and professors of the Department, as well as open a path to discussion with the University and the city of Volos.


Blood donation for the Blood Bank of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences

Thursday, 26 November 2015, in the courtyard of the Faculty, from 9.00-13.00.

The Blood Bank of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences exists since April 2012 and it continues the effort for blood availability in cases of emergency.


Blood donation from the Phaethon Marathon's athletes

The Laboratory of Professor Dimitris Kouretas in the Department of Biochemistry of the University of Thessaly with the assistance of Thanassis Paidis and the Organizing Committee of Phaethon Marathon have organized a blood donation from the athletes of the Sunday's Marathon, in order to examine the possibility that such athletes can be donors to our fellow citizens in need. It is worth mentionning that this is the first similar attempt ever in Greece.


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